Trans Support

FFLAG recognises the difference between identifying as trans and identifying as lesbian, gay or bisexual(LGB).
For trans people the issue is gender identity and for LGB people it is sexual orientation.
Although our expertise and experience is around supporting families and friends of lesbian, gay and bisexual people and issues of sexual orientation we work closely with members of the trans community.
Together we work to educate, to inform and to address the homophobia and transphobia that our sons and daughters often face.
If you are looking for expert advice and support on all issues relating to gender identity do contact GIRES (Gender Identity Research and Education Society). GIRES is also the umbrella organisation for Mermaids, The Beaumont Society, and Women of the Beaumont Society among others.
Mermaids offers support and information for children and teenagers who are trying to cope with gender identity issues, and for their families and carers.
The Beaumont Society, for those who feel the desire or compulsion to express the feminine side of their personality by dressing or living as women.
Women of the Beaumont Society is operated by and for wives, partners, family and friends of those who cross­dress.
Transfigurations, is a trans support group based in the South West of the UK.  It was set up to help all trans people (transsexual, transvestite, intersex, genderqueer, trans youth etc.) come to terms with their gender identity and provide a safe meeting place whilst they explore their feelings.  We meet twice a month in Torquay, South Devon, on the first Wednesday evening and the third Tuesday evening of each month.
You might find these articles helpful:
He suffered years of depression and bullying. Now, as he begins the process of becoming a man, Jon wants to help other transgender teenagers
Guardian, August 28, 2009
Natacha Kennedy and Mark Helen's well thought­out paper demonstrates the very young age at which children become aware of their gender and explores the implications of these findings.
Graduate Journal of Social Science, December, 2010
A very informative leaflet (link below) has been produced by the Department of Health, working with GIRES, to help trans people and their families understand about the experiences of trans people, their rights and their choices. It also helps healthcare staff to understand about their role when caring for trans people

A Transition Blog

Adam documents his journey in the hope of making others realise that it's okay not to be a heterosexual cisgender person.
"I've had a Tumblr blog for the past few years but wanted to try and progress onto something more substantial. In 2016 you wouldn't think it's necessary to explain to people what being transgender means, and that it's not something that will completely ruin your chance of having a long happy life, but it seems that there's still a bit of work to do on understanding and acceptance. Hopefully I can shed some light on that and show that you can in fact function as a human-being, have friends, relationships, a family, a job and serve as a decent member of society as a trans person."
We are confident that you will find the information and support that you need from GIRES and their affiliated organisations. If there is anything further that the FFLAG team can do to support you, your family/loved one or friend, do please contact us via email or call our helpline.


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